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            Pbn Crucible And Special Parts Serials
            Pbn Crucible And Special Parts Serials
            Address: Berlin Zhuang Industrial Park in Shandong province Yantai city Laiyang
            Telephone: +86-535-3452900
            FAX: +86-535-3452917
            Mobile phone: +86-13964530509
            E-MAIL: HFXPBN@hfxpbn.com
                Yantai HeFuxiang Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 May, is located in Berlin Zhuang Industrial Park in Shandong province Yantai City, Laiyang, main advanced ceramic materials - pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN). The products are used in gallium arsenide (GaAs) single crystals of MBE, LEC, VGF crucible crucible crucible, MOCVD equipment insulation boat and pyrolytic boron nitride coating products with insulation board, synthetic.。
                Company's existing semiconductor single crystal and III V compound prepared by crucible, crucible base; LEC series of in situ synthesis of GaAs, InP, GaP single crystal; MBE series of crucible beam epitaxy molecules; VGF, VB series of crucible; PBN/PG composite heater coating; graphite heater insulation coating; high temperature insulating fluid nozzle; MOCVD insulation plate shaped crucible; and special graphite coating; composite heater for wafer annealing process。
                Company not only has the ability of pyrolytic boron nitride production, but also has the equipment and processing of graphite machining process, effectively ensure the pyrolytic boron nitride production process is stable and reliable, at the same time, inspection and packaging, have unique facilities and equipment, can satisfy the customer out of the box's specific needs, the company is a science and technology enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production as one of the。
                All the staff of the company has always carry forward the "integrity, pragmatic, efficient, dedication" spirit of enterprise, with advanced, high-quality products, perfect service and thoughtful. At sea the same mind to make friends all over the world, contributing to society, return customers。
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